June 17, 2021

Unison Ltd Blog – Introducing ourselves

Welcome to our first Unison Ltd Blog

To those of you who have worked alongside us for nearly 50 years, we hope these blogs add to your knowledge.

For those of you who don’t know us, we hope they inspire you to call us and find out more!

Unison has been providing tube bending solutions for over 40 years working closely with our customers to design and build some of the most cutting-edge tube bending technology available in the global marketplace today.

Unison Ltd HQ in Scarborough, UK

We were the first to design and manufacture all-electric tube bending machinery back in 1994.

Since then, we have continued to lead the market through product enhancements and by providing innovative solutions to challenging production problems.


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By clicking through our website you may be surprised at the depth and breadth of our customer base and the interesting solutions we deploy.

Innovation and problem solving is at the heart of what we do and collaborating with our customers has provided the catalyst to innovation; our Research & Development team relishes the challenge especially when other manufacturers say it can’t be done!

Our desire to innovate, and not merely copy others, has rewarded us with a global reputation for solving the most challenging customer problems.

We live in very interesting times commercially, particularly in the world of engineering where the landscape is changing rapidly.

‘Industry 4.0,’ process automation and the ‘Internet of Things’ are the flagships of change that are driving the next industrial revolution.

Skills shortages add another layer of complexity with political unrest framing these challenges worldwide.



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So what have Unison done to ensure we are ready for the next 10 years?

Unison has opened a sales and service office in Coventry to enhance our team in the UK.

Our facility in Danville, VA, houses  our dedicated sales and service team, which continues to grow, and our training school where we are aiming to help solve some of our client’s skills shortages for the long term.

Ingenium Integration, our process automation business, in Manchester continues to grow its portfolio of skills including 3D Scanning and Printing.

As a team we continue to innovate and bring new exciting products to marketing to help our customers to be the best in their sector.

Scarborough UTC

Our CSR programme is very important to us. We are welcoming the beginning of a flow of apprentices from Scarborough UTC (University Technical College – an advanced manufacturing academy for 14 – 18 year olds).

As founders, we are very proud of what has been accomplished since it opened in 2016, built on the back of our program to inspire kids to consider STEM subjects through Scarborough Science and Engineering Week, which is now in its 12th Year.

We aim to work as closely with Danville Community College, RCATT faculty (Regional Centre for Advanced Technology and Training) and the Gene Haas Center for Integrated Machining with the same long term goals – bridging the skills gap!

Employer engagement with education is a key driver to success, and Unison are proud to play their part. So lots of great news.

We live in a tough commercial world today so we would like to thank all our customers for their business, old and new, as we look forward to a great future working in partnership that delivers success.

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