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All-electric tube and pipe bending machines

We invented all-electric tube manipulation and offer the largest range of ultra-precise, all-electric tube & pipe bending machines for diameters from 4 mm to 275 mm.

Fibre laser cutting machines

Discover our highly accessible, high-quality, European-made Nukon 2D, 3D and tube fibre laser cutting systems.

Pneuform wire bending machines

Our Pneuform wire and small-diameter tube and bar bending machines are the leading choice in many sectors.

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Around the world, Unison is the byword for ultra-precise tube and pipe manipulation. We invented all-electric tube bending in 1994 and today offer the widest choice of powerful, precise, British-built, all-electric tube and pipe bending machines.

We recently launched a range of dual-stack hybrid tube benders. Through Nukon Lasers UK, we offer highly accessible, high-quality European fibre laser cutting machines to manufacturers in the UK and Ireland. While our Pneuform range sets the standard in wire and small-diameter tube bending machines.

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We pioneered high-torque, high-accuracy, all-electric tube and pipe bending for shipbuilding. Machine sizes range from 100 mm to 275 mm, with up to Schedule 40 wall thicknesses.



Complex, high-performance exhausts; air intakes, roll cages, brake lines, aircon pipes and more. Unison all-electric tube bending machines are widely used in applications where precision is key.


Oil & Gas

From intricate hydraulic tubing for control systems, to thick-wall, large-bore piping, our small-diameter and ‘Big Pipe’ benders are used across the offshore, oil refinery and subsea industries.



Our experience in cold, precision-bending of thin-wall exotic materials at tight radius for ‘right-first-time’ production is considerable. Alongside fully automated machines, we offer manually operated CNC models, for low-volume production as typically required in the MRO industry.



Exotic facades, incredible staircases, high-end metalwork… Unison tube benders and Nukon fibre laser cutting machines have helped shape numerous architectural masterpieces.


General manufacturing

Street furniture, seat frames, stairlifts, components for agri & yellow vehicles, shopping trolleys, wheelbarrows… Unison machines are the choice of subcontractors and manufacturers – especially where high-volume production with automation is required.

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All-electric tube bending machines

Our ultra-precise, all-electric Unison CNC tube and pipe bending machines set the standard in tube and pipe manipulation. Models include single-stack, multi-stack, twinhead, left & right and pinball machines.

Unison Globe
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Hybrid, dual-stack tube bending machines

Specially developed for repetitive tube bending tasks, Unison dual-stack hybrid machines combine robust design with precise all-electric control and advanced hydraulic operation. Choose from 50 mm and 80 mm versions.

Unison Synergy Hybrid, Dual-Stack Tube Bending machines
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Fibre laser cutting machines

We are proud to be the sole provider of Nukon fibre laser cutting machines in the UK and Ireland. Choose from flat sheet metal and tube cutting machines, 5-axis machines and loading & unloading solutions.

Nukon Fiber Laser Cutting Systems
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Wire and small-diameter tube & bar bending machines

Rotary left/right bending machines, double-head bending machines, plastic-coated EV bus bar and wire bending machines. Discover why Pneuform leads the way in small-diameter bending.

pn machine
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Ancillary machines

End-forming machines, thread-rolling machines, coiling and de-coiling machines, special industrial washing machines, coning and threading machines, fully automatic rising saws… our high-quality ancillary machines will help shape your success.

Ancillary Machines

Discover our tube bending app

Our free-to-use app offers all the information you’ll need for virtually any tube bending process.

Unison App
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For more than 50 years, Unison, a British machine tool manufacturer, has put innovation at the very heart of its CNC tube and pipe bending technologies.