Applications & Solutions

Applications & Solutions

Unison are more than just a Tube & Bending Machine Supplier – we are solution providers.


Our all-electric CNC tube benders can be part of the solution to whatever challenges your business faces, whether the needs of your business include a wheelbarrow tube bender, a shopping trolley tube bender, a seat tube bender, or even an aerospace ducting tube bender. We also provide oil & gas tube benders for industry & infrastructure use.


Unison want to solve your challenges and remove your pain.

Solutions designed for you

Unison strive to listen to their customers needs and provide a Bespoke solution as appose to adapting a customers application to a machine.

Our Solutions:

Features and Benefits

As Pioneers in the industry Unison continuously look for ways to improve customers productivity and have brought many innovations to the market place.

- Barcode Tooling

- Tooling Drawers

- Laser springback and correction

- Industry 4.0 Data Collection and Analysis

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