Tube Bending Software

Tube Bending Software

Our team at Unison has written and created pioneering tube bending simulation software for all of your CNC Tube Bender needs. Working closely with our customers, we are proud to have developed some of the most cutting-edge software solutions available today.


Check out Opt2Sim Scan

Precise, portable 3D tube scanning – made quick and easy

Possibly the most advanced hand-held tube measurement system on the market, Opt2Sim + Scan combines rapid scanning of tube geometry with easy extraction of tube data.

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NEW - Web App Tool

With our new and improved Unison Web App moving across to the web, we can now offer our customers the ability to use this software across multiple platforms and save historic data.

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User Friendly Control System – Unibend

As the inventors of All Electric CNC Tube Benders in 1994, our Unibend software has been widely used for over 25 years. With the software teams constant drive for innovation and customer focus, this User Friendly touch screen control system is widely recognised as an Industry Leader.

Tube Bending Simulation Software – Opt2Sim

Using the true CAD models of the tube bending machines and the same Unibend software that operates the CNC machine controller, Opt2Sim provides unique Artificial Intelligence capabilities to process large volumes of parts. Used in projects involving Aircraft Carriers and Subsea Trees., this sophisticated software is perfect for those companies that are striving for Design for Manufacture, making high value unique parts.


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Industry 4.0

With Unibend’s evolution, we have always innovated and with our customer web portal we can help our customers understand their productivity using sophisticated data capture and analysis.

Connections To CAD & Measurement Software

Unibend has the ability to connect to various CAD packages such as Autodesk and Solidworks as well as measurement software such as VTube and products from Faro, Romer & Hexagon.

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