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CNC Tube Benders

Since our incorporation, Unison has developed over 30 all-electric CNC tube and pipe benders to cover diameters from 4mm to 275mm.

Available in single-stack, multi-stack and right/left varieties and delivered to over 21 countries, our CNC tube and pipe benders can be found across six continents around the world. Our unique design provides automatic set-up, right first-time manufacturing, improved repeatability and accuracy – all with reduced skill requirements.

Our machines are used in a multitude of industries and work with a variety of materials. Our single and multi-stack benders appear in the aerospace industry, bending titanium and exotic metals into aerospace ducting. Left & right CNC bending machines are often used on Super Duplex and Inconel material to create tubing for oil and gas conduction. Twin Head CNC Tube Benders are used to create multiple everyday items such as train & bus seating and shopping trolleys. These are only some examples of the ways in which our CNC tube benders shape the world we live in.

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Minimum setup time and repeatable accuracy

All moving parts on our machines are electrically driven and servo controlled. Once a part has been produced successfully, all production setup data can be stored and recalled with no mechanical adjustment required. Our All Electric technology gives far better repeatability than a hydraulic machine. Speed can be adjusted easily and is as fast as a hydraulic machine.
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Low maintenance and high reliability

Off-Site Service – Utilizing internet and a HD camera, Unison engineers can observe the machine & direct your local engineers to machine faults without the need for expensive call outs, thus cutting "down time".
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Self-contained machine, with no external power pack or electrical cabinet saves valuable floor space. Very Low Power Consumption - Efficient power utilization means that this machine will operate at approximately 1/10th the power consumption of a comparable hydraulic machine.

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