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Tube Bending Machines

Since our incorporation, Unison has developed over 30 all-electric CNC tube and pipe bending machine models to cover 4mm- 275mm diameter. Available in single-stack, multi-stack and right/left varieties and delivered to over 21 countries, across six continents around the world. Our unique design provides automatic set-up, right first-time manufacturing, improved repeatability and accuracy – all with reduced skill requirements.

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Minimum setup time and repeatable accuracy

All moving parts on our machines are electrically driven and servo controlled. Once a part has been produced successfully, all production setup data can be stored and recalled with no mechanical adjustment required. Our All Electric technology gives far better repeatability than a hydraulic machine. Speed can be adjusted easily and is as fast as a hydraulic machine.
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Low maintenance and high reliability

Off-Site Service – Utilizing internet and a HD camera, Unison engineers can observe the machine & direct your local engineers to machine faults without the need for expensive call outs, thus cutting "down time".
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Self-contained machine, with no external power pack or electrical cabinet saves valuable floor space. Very Low Power Consumption - Efficient power utilization means that this machine will operate at approximately 1/10th the power consumption of a comparable hydraulic machine.

Our Machines:

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