September 9, 2021

Partner R&B Wagner’s positive feedback after Unison re-control

The team at Unison are delighted to offer our valued customers the best experiences in all aspects of our Service.

The metal fabrication and architectural railing systems experts at R&B Wagner called on our team to complete a full re-control of their Unison 65mm Single Stack Tube Bending Machine. A re-control allows customers to re-establish or increase the original productivity of their machine, increase precision and machine efficiency, reduce maintenance expenses and increase the life span, as well as maintaining the value of their pipe bending machine.

The tube bender re-control at R&B Wagner included replacement drive panel components and a major overhaul of the safety system and the power supply. The upgrade also included a higher spec machine PC and our latest Unibend Software.

And the Milwaukee-based company were very happy with the results.

Wagner Facilities Manager, Will Knueppel said: “I wanted to extend a sincere compliment to your staff at Unison. Everyone we had the pleasure of working with was professional and knowledgeable in their areas. This was a great experience for Wagner and I hope it was the same for you and the members of Unison. I look forward to the continued relationship with you and your team.”

Unison joint-Managing Director, Alan Pickering added: “What a privilege it is to do business with a company like R&B Wagner that respect and acknowledge the skill and dedication of our team at Unison, their kind words mean a lot.”



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