Left & Right Hand Bending Machines

For complex part geometry, Unison make a range of All-Electric CNC Pipe Bender that can bend both in the Clockwise and Anticlockwise direction. Unison can offer two styles of All-Electric Pipe Bending Machines, the pinball style or the rise and fall pressure die style. Left and right hand pipe benders are available in sizes from 1” to 5” pipe.


These All-Electric machines are used in a variety of modern industries. Oil&Gas company TechnipFMC uses them to create complex shapes for oil and gas tubing, knowing their oil & gas tube benders are fully capable of working with Inconel and Super Duplex materials. Likewise, the aerospace industry uses titanium tube bending machines for their aerospace ducting, and marine manufacturing companies such as Huntington Ingalls use our CNC tube benders in their own manufacturing processes.

Our Machines:

Rise & Fall Pressure Die Style

Available up to 50mm diameter, these machines are ideal for small tubular work typically found in both the Oil & Gas and Construction sector.

With Left & Right hand bending capability within the same part, long tubes with complex geometry can be solved especially when used in conjunction with Opt2Sim, our 3D simulator.

Pinball – 30mm, 50mm, 90mm

Available in various sizes depending on collet capacity required. Ideal for highly complex part shapes where collisions may occur on a standard machine. Available with Laser-controlled Springback correction system saving expensive wastage. Common applications: Aerospace, Marine and Oil & Gas

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