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Van Rijsoort Buigwerk is one of the best known specialists in Northern Europe for bending tubing and profiles.

The company has a large number of tube and pipe bending machines, and can handle diameters up to 355 mm. Its customer base is very diverse, ranging from aerospace and automotive manufacturers, to agricultural equipment, petrochemical processing, shipbuilding and architects/ builders.

Up until 2011, all the company’s tube bending machinery was hydraulically powered. When looking for a new machine to increase capacity, versatility of use was seen as key, so Technical Director Jeroen Swinkels decided to investigate all-electric servomotor-controlled bending machines.



The diversity of work and materials that Van Rijsoort uses on a daily basis led them to have highly detailed discussions with Unison about their versatile all-electric range.

They finally chose a 130 mm all-electric Breeze, a size that covered a large proportion of Van Rijsoort’s typical work, but with a number of custom features and modifications to optimise application flexibility.

These included multi-stack tooling, roll bending capability, an integrated inclinometer, a laser system for auto-correcting bends, and the ability to change the working height of the machine.




All-electric technology has proved so successful in use that Van Rijsoort expects to buy only all-electric machines in the future.

Key features that the Van Rijsoort team really like are the laser springback correction system and the ease of programmability of the machine.

These make it possible to bend the most complex shapes and the most difficult materials, by finely controlling bending speed, pressures, etc. For new jobs involving one-off parts or small batch production, the Breeze is almost always the first machine to be considered.

The built in inclinometer, which was easy to integrate thanks to Unison’s PC-based controller, automates many jobs that Van Rijsoort has where it bends pre-cut tubes, that may already be processed with holes, slots etc.


  • Auto-compensates for springback – adding a correction bend if required
  • Scrap is reduced, especially for small batch jobs
  • Very fast machine set up with no need for subsequent adjustments
  • Bending programmability makes it easy to deal with difficult materials
  • Small bending head design is intrinsically flexible Much lower power consumption
  • Much quieter

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